Development of active learning materials and use of those materials to educate nursing students primarily in respiratory nursing and to train new nurses

Sugiyama F, Inoue T, Kashiwagi K, Masuda M, Nagaoka N, Narita A


The current study examined the effectiveness of using e-learning to teach respiratory nursing to students and provide continuing education to new nurses. An e-learning system was developed for pre-learning activities in combination with simulations. Ten new nurses were interviewed about nursing practices to identify learning tasks that were appropriate for new nurses. Based on those interviews, the current authors developed teaching materials for the core program. The e-learning system used was a web-based platform that conforms to global standards (TAO, Infosign Inc., Tokyo). The e-learning system was tested with students in their third and fourth years of nursing school at two universities in January and February of 2017. A follow-up indicated that third- and fourth-year nursing students who participated in clinical learning found the e-learning system (which was developed based on the experiences of new nurses) useful.

KEYWORDS: active learning, e-learning, new nurse, nursing student, respiratory nursing

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