Development of the neurological simulation program e-learning version (Neuro Sim-e)

Masuda M, Sugiyama F, Shogaki J, Matsumoto K, Yagi MS, Oishi H


It is difficult to coordinate the working hours of busy clinical nurses and provide lectures, but e-learning can be used during their spare time. Therefore, this study aimed to share our experience in developing and implementing the neurology simulation program e-learning version (Neuro Sim-e). Needs analysis was conducted, and the Neuro Sim-e was developed. Four evaluation questionnaires: attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction (ARCS) etc., were examined. We developed the Neuro Sim-e, which consists of three scenarios. The subjects were 20 nurses. Regarding the "attention", "relevance", "reliability", and "satisfaction" of the Neuro Sim-e, 70.0%, 95.0%, 65.0%, and 90.0% of the respondents answered "rather agree" or higher, respectively. The Neuro Sim-e obtained positive feedback via ARCS evaluation and provided adequate results as an overall assessment. It is too early to conclude whether it is as effective as or better than a mannequin-based simulation, but this study provided learning materials that nurses could use in their spare time.

KEYWORDS: neurological nursing, simulation-based learning, e-learning

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